Does Seedlings 🌱 offer furnished options?

All of Seedlings 🌱 properties come with furnishings in the common areas. Additionally, fully furnished options are seamlessly available through our partners when you sign your lease.

Can I let Seedlings 🌱 manage my rental properties?

At this moment Seedlings 🌱 is not accepting outside properties to manage. If you do have a property or a portfolio you would like us to consider in the future, drop us a line and we will let you know when we begin to offer property management services.

Does Seedlings 🌱 buy properties?

Yes. Once our seed round closes we will be looking to purchase several properties in Los Angeles County area. Seedlings 🌱 is currently interested in purchasing properties that are under $3,000,000.

What markets is Seedlings 🌱 in?

Seedlings 🌱 is currently working on setting up in the Los Angeles area but, keep and eye out, we want to be everywhere as soon as possible!